Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Dogs Are HOME!

Moseley and Darwin were picked up from the kennel on Friday!! My husband picked them up a day early since he forgot he had Friday off of work since it's Easter weekend. The Kennel workers said that Moseley was much happier when Darwin was around and they got play time together and separate (since Darwin gets a little feisty when he gets too tried). They were just the best of buds! And they said that Darwin took it very well for not being dropped off before. So I guess he doesn't like us THAT much. ;) 

I was still out of town visiting my family when he picked them up but he said they looked all around the house for me. He also said that Darwin was particularly cuddly so I think he actually did in fact miss us. Yay! Moseley has always been a dog that prefers to play all day outside so has a hard time leaving the kennel once he is there because it's his dream!

Since they play ALL day long when they are at the kennel, they came home WIPED OUT. My husband said that they slept for quite some time. I am so happy they are home! I bought them two toys on my trip and I can't wait to give them to the dogs. I hope they like them! They were only $2.99 each at TJ Maxx and they seem pretty sturdy, so I hope they hold up to Darwin's puppy teeth and Moseley's jaws of steel. He can tear into basically anything! I got back into town Saturday night so I will give them their toys today for Easter :)

My husband said that he took them to the dog park on Saturday and they were still SUPER wiped out from the kennel, so they didn't play very well or for very long. But that's ok. A tired dog is a happy dog. I think.

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