Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rainbow Honey Product Review

Hey everyone! This will be a review on one of my purchases I made from Rainbow Honey. They are a company that sells nail polish, nail care products, and body and bath products. They even sell kits to make your own nail polish!! I might have to try that once. And I repeat, I did NOT get these for free. I bought these items with my own money that I worked hard for :)

Their website is (it is currently closed as they get ready for April but they say it will be back open this weekend!)

First off here is what you should expect packaging wise from this company. My address was edited for privacy. I love that the items are packed in bubble wrap envelopes. Gives me another package to open within the package and I love it!

I ordered an unscented base coat, unscented top coat, and a pink nail polish they call Beautiful Pink. Here is a photo of all three together with their names. I panicked at first because nothing on the front of the nail polish has the name so I didn't know which was the base coat and which was the top coat, but then I found the stickers on the top. Phew!

Now to be totally honest, I don't know what to do with a base and top coat yet. I need to do some research tonight because I haven't painted my nails since middle school! But I want to get back into it and it seemed like an important thing so I bought them haha. Don't judge. First time for everything right?

Here is a photo of what Beautiful Pink looks like on my nails. No judging my dry wrinkly hands from cleaning thousands of aquariums and chicken poop off my hands and cleaning myself up after messy diapers from baby and living in a SUPER dry climate. And don't judge my nail painting job ;) I will try my best to improve!

Now all the self conscious comments aside, I actually really loved this nail polish. I love the light pastel color it is and it was fairly easy to apply. I believe I had to do 2-3 coats to get it the way I wanted. It's not my favorite when done with one coat. 

Rainbow Honey is known for their sparkly nail polish. I love that this polish is SLIGHTLY sparkly. You can barely notice and I just love that. I am not a sparkle glitter all over kind of person. So I was quite pleased with this and will wear this color more often I think! and I think it makes my wedding ring look pretty and shiny :)

Now here is what I LOVE about Rainbow Honey that I don't see a lot of places. They have an amazing rewards program and just seem to really care about their customers and making their purchase a pleasant experience. I ordered the three nail polishes and they had a promo going on where they add a free gift to the order. They put a silver heart sticker on your receipt and a silver heart sticker on your free item. I just LOVE this. 

I don't totally understand how this promo works because on their website it says "every purchase this weekend will have an item with a silver heart!" but I don't think I purchased it on the weekend. 

The item I got for free with this order was a Lemongrass & Lime Cuticle Balm. Now total fail moment on my part. I read the label, and saw it was Cuticle Balm, but the minute I opened it the stick when straight to my lips. For some reason I spaced and within the two seconds of opening it instincts kicked in and the chapstick looking thing went there instead of my nails haha. And yes it tasted weird and felt weird. 

That aside! I wasn't a huge fan of the scent at first. It definitely smells like grass at first. But then the lime sneaks through and it's actually quite pleasant. :) And I really like what it did to my cuticles! It's like...lotion for cuticles! Yes I am a nail noob but still. I thought it was a great product. And I got it for FREE!

So all in all, I got three nail polishes AND a cuticle balm. The pink nail polish was lovely and getting a free gift in my orders is definitely a fun surprise. I highly recommend Rainbow Honey. 

They also have an amazing rewards program. For every $1 spent in the store you get 10 points. And even better, their rewards are so easy to reach. It's not like those rewards where you have to save up for 5 years and all you can redeem is a glitter star sticker. 

I really loved my experience with them and I can't wait to get my mystery bags I ordered from them so please check back for those reviews coming REALLY soon.

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