Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BookRoo April 2016 Subscription Box

What is BookRoo?

BookRoo is a company that aims to help parents build their children's book collections. They believe it's never to early to read to your child and they try to make it more affordable for parents to get new books for their children.

If you receive a book that you already have, they have a solution! They will give you $5 off your next subscription when you take a photo of you gifting the book to someone else and send BookRoo the photo.

The Subscription 

Box Items: TWO pictures books or THREE board books (you get to choose which option you want)

  • Monthly = $17.99 + s/h ($22.99)
  • 3 months = $16.66 + s/h ($64.99)
  • 6 months = $16.33 + s/h ($127.99)
  • 12 months = $15.99 + s/h ($251.88)

Shipping Fees:
  • $5 for US shipments
  • $16 to Canada
  • $25 anywhere else

Coupon: For 15% off your order go here 

The Box

I chose to do their monthly plan to make sure my daughter actually enjoyed this kind of box. I also chose the THREE board books option. 

Here is the darling box that you will receive when your books arrive! 

And here it is opened. They wrote a note on the box which I thought was cute and I appreciated. I have my own Etsy shop and things like that take a lot of time when you have a lot of customers!

They also included a code to pass on to your friends so you both get discounts. 

I LOVE that the books are wrapped individually. And my daughter loved opening them! 

The Books

If Big Can...I Can. - $4.99

This book was quite cute. It had few words per page and had very cute drawings. My baby seemed to enjoy reading it. There were a few pages with more words than usual and it made it hard for my baby to sit through it, but the artwork is phenomenal.

Chuckling Ducklings - $7.99

I absolutely LOVED this book and so did my baby. We have read this one many times since we have received it. They list each of the baby animals on the last page so you know which animal it really is. 

My Pet Polar Bear - $5.82 

This one was a good book because it was a touch and feel book, meaning it has things to touch on each page. However the art work seemed to make it difficult for my young one to see exactly what was going on and the touch and feels were quite tiny on each page. She still read it a few times but the baby animals book above was enjoyed a lot more.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a very cute subscription box. And because they wrap the books individually, if you have multiple kids they can each open one. The books were very cute and nice quality.

The cost of each book:
  • My Turn to Learn Colors - $4.99
  • Mockingbird Song - $7.99
  • My Pet Polar Bear - $5.82

Total: $18.80

Going off of the one month plan, this box would be $17.99 excluding the $5 shipping charge. I did save a little bit of money doing this subscription so that's reassuring. I didn't save as much as I thought I would, but at least happy I saved SOME money. Curious to see what the total of the books comes out to be next month. This was a little less than the total for last month. If you do the long term plans you save even more so that would definitely be worth looking into when doing this subscription. 

All in all I think this is a cute box and my baby loves receiving new books each month. 

What did you think of these books?

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