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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2015

Hey everyone! It's time for a review of the Walmart Beauty Box! Walmart now has two boxes to choose from each season, and even better, you can subscribe to both! I contacted Walmart and they told me I received the Trendsetter Winter Box. Each box is $5 and they ship them every three months or so.

From what I understand these boxes can be pretty variable.

Here is what the package looks like unopened.

And here is the box opened. As always I just love when subscription boxes have the items under tissue paper. Makes the surprise even more exciting!

And here is the box ACTUALLY opened! The box felt quite heavy and now I can see why!

The Products

Aussie Mega Hair Spray (1.5 oz)

I was quite excited when I saw this in the box! The shampoo and conditioner I use now are Aussie brand and I have always been pleased with it. I have high hopes for this hairspray. Especially since I almost went and bought some yesterday because I wanted to try and curl my hair. Now I don't need to go buy some. Woo hoo! I'll let you know how I end up liking it once I use it. I think this was the main reason the box was so heavy too!

NIVEA Soft Moisturizing Creme (.84 oz)

First of all I just love the container the cream is in. It sits well in the hand and is the perfect size for your purse. When I opened the container it had an interesting smell. It actually smells like sunscreen. Definitely doesn't have any fun scent to it which is kind of a bummer. However I applied some to my hands (can be applied on face, body, or hands) and the smell was less sunscreeny but definitely smelled more like lotion. I really liked how the cream absorbed quickly while still keeping my hand moisturized. I hate it when lotion takes forever to absorb. I will use this for sure since it's SO dry where I live.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser (.5 fl oz)

I haven't tried this and probably won't since I don't use products with white/green/black tea in them. So that's a bummer because I was really excited when I saw this at first! Especially since Neutrogena is such a great brand. Even though I didn't use it I did smell it and it smells lovely!

Loreal Toal Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditoner (1.7 fl oz each)

So my hair isn't damaged at all and I am always hesitant to try new brands of shampoo and conditioner. I tend to break out or the product just sticks to my hair. And my hair is already so clean I don't think this will do anything to help. If I get the guts I'll try it some day. I do like the sample sizes of these. They will definitely be good at least for two uses.

Crest 3D White Brilliance Set

This product my husband and myself purchased a month ago and both really liked it. Step 1 definitely makes you feel like you deep cleaned your teeth. It just leaves your mouth feeling a little dry or weird at the end. Then you use Step 2 to whiten and the aftertaste goes away. I think these are meant to be used as toothpaste but I always follow with Sensodyne since my teeth are so sensitive. But we really liked it and for not doing it consistently I still saw results. This pack is enough for maybe two or three uses but I don't know if a customer could see a difference THAT soon just with this sample.

Jergens Natural glow Moisturizer

This one I most definitely can't use just because I am fair skinned, not medium to tan. I am pretty sure this just will not work for me. But Jergens is a good brand so I am sure it is a good product for those who use it. I think this is kind of a risky move to make in a box where you are personalizing it to your customers. Everyone who isn't medium to dark skinned can't use this product. And I don't like foil samples. That's just me though.

Ken Paves Smoothing Shampoo/Conditioner/Conditioning Mask

My hair is already so soft I don't even dare try this because then my hair would just be even more impossible. I already have a hard time keeping Bobby pins and hair ties in my hair. I also have never heard of this brand so that makes me nervous to try it. I also really don't like foil packets. I don't know what to do with them once I open it and have leftovers. I like small bottles better.

I also don't like how they had two samples that are shampoo and conditioner. One from Loreal and one from Ken Paves. I would like to see more variety in future boxes.

Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

Again, I don't like packets of things. This one made me laugh with the claim it will work in 30 seconds. It said to test it on the palm of my hand, so I did. And surprisingly it kind of worked! My wrinkles weren't GONE but they were less. However it left a weird oily somewhat sticky feeling so I don't think I would put it on my face. It never totally dried out on my hands. It was always wet.

Final Thoughts

With regards to usefulness to ME, I think this was a mediocre box. I can't use a lot of the products but the ones I will use I will use a lot.

However, I really like the sample sizes of most of these products. If I could use all of these products, they could all definitely be used more than once. So I would say the Walmart Beauty Boxes as a whole are very nice. I don't know how to price the box since they're all smallish samples, but for $5 I'm pleased. It's not an expensive box and I still got things I could use.

I get a Classic Spring box soon so watch for that. I believe it will be here next week some time. I have been hearing good things about the Spring boxes!

What did you think of your Winter box?

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