Wednesday, May 11, 2016

GlobeIn Benefit Basket April 2016

What Is The GlobeIn Benefit Basket?

The GlobeIn Benefit Basket is a smaller version of the Artisan Basket. Each month you recevie one item that was handcrafted by someone abroad to help bring the creator exposure.

Each item is put inside of a hand made basket that they receive from Oaxaca, Mexico. They will also explain the story behind the creator for that month and how your support helped them.

The Subscription

Box Items: One item handcrafted by someone abroad.

  • Month to Month: $19.95
  • 3 Month: $56.95

I signed up for the month to month subscription.


Everything arrives in a box.

And here is what the box looks like when opened.

The card inside is a pamphlet that explains where the item came from and more about GlobeIn.

And here is the basket that the item arrives in.


Coyuchi Diamond Stripe Kitchen Towel Set - $15

I at first thought I received just one towel but when I opened it up there were two! I don't have any green in my kitchen so this won't match very well but they seem like high quality kitchen towels. We are desperately in need of some too so this worked out great. They are quite large and I see myself using them as towels to dry my hand washed dishes on. Quite the surface area is covered!

Final Thoughts

The box itself cost $19.95 and the item in the basket was $15 according to their website. Taking into account the handmade basket it arrives in goes for $12 on the GlobeIn website the total of the box comes out to $27 which is more than what I paid. 

I love the idea of this basket. I think I was a little confused about the towels because I was expecting an item from a company that wasn't quite so well set up already. The company seems quite successful and has a very nice website. I was expecting an item from a shop that wasn't so well setup. But either way it's a great product and the basket it came in is going to come in handy!  I am curious to see what their next month's box with have.

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