Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peaches And Petals March 2016 Box

What Is The Peaches And Petals Box?

This is a subscription box that delivers beauty and style items to you monthly.

The Subscription

Box Items: Fun beauty and style items

  • Month to Month: $19.99
  • 3 Month: $59.97
  • 6 Month: $119.94
  • 12 month: $239.88

I signed up for the month to month subscription.


Everything arrives in a large slide out box.

And all of the items were covered with very cute tissue paper.

And here are the cards that were in the box.


Everyone Loves Coloring Flowers Coloring Book

I thought this item was just so cute! Adult coloring books seem to be getting more and more popular and coloring flowers is my favorite thing. So many options!

Here are a few peaks inside the book.

Live Life In Color Colored Pencils

I love that they included colored pencils in this box since they had a coloring book. Means you can get started right away with the coloring book! And it has a sharpener on the top which is an even bigger plus.

Be A Fruit Loop Mug With Spoon

I absolutely loved this mug when I saw it! My husband and myself started drinking herbal teas since my stomach has been on and off over the months and so we are always looking for fun mugs. And I LOVE the spoon. Sadly my 15 month old daughter stole it and placed it under a blanket and my husband accidentally stepped on it and broke it. Oh well. Such is the life of living with a baby. I still really love the mug!

Designed Joy Everything Pouch 

I think this was the surprise bonus item since I don't see it on the item card. I LOVE the colors of this bag. I will be using it as phone holder in my gym bag full of swimming stuff. So so cute.

Swanky Sweet Pea Bath Bomb

I loved the smell of this bath bomb. However I don't use these so I will be gifting it to someone. Hopefully they like it!

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

To be totally honest this product made me laugh. I am fairly positive it won't look like the picture if I did it. I don't wear these colors ever but I gave this to my sister because I thought she would have fun trying it.

Pretty In Pink Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank

I was very happy to see this! And I think it might be another surprise item? I think I accidentally got two. I didn't see this charger on the info card. But I NEED one of these because my phone is always dying so this is a great item for me.

Final Thoughts

I didn't know how to price all of these things because they were hard to find on the internet. However I think Peaches and Petals is my favorite subscription box I am subscribed to so far. Their products were so cute and seem to be of good quality. And the things I couldn't use made for great gifts. 

If you like receiving fun lifestyle items each month this is the box for you!

What are your thoughts on this Peaches and Petals Box?

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