Monday, May 9, 2016

WorldlyBox April 2016 Review

What is WorldlyBox?

WorldlyBox is a company that provides a monthly subscription box of jewelry from around the world at an affordable price.

The Subscription Box

Contents: 2 unique jewelry pieces + bonus surprise!

Price: You can pay month to month, pay for a 3 month subscription. or a 6 month subscription. Here are the prices:

  • Month to month: $19.99
  • 3 month: $16.99 ($50.97)
  • 6 month: $14.99 ($89.94)

My Box: I signed up for a 3 month subscription

The Packaging

Here is the box everything is packaged in. It had twine wrapped around it with a sticker holding it in place but I accidentally deleted all of my original box opening photos so I just have a photo of the box. I am so sorry! It was way cute though I promise.

And here are the cards that were included in the box. 

This car was my favorite because it showed to me how much they appreciate their customers. This card was written for ME and explains why she picked these items for me.

According to the cards all of my items are from Venezuela this month.

The Products

Obsidian Necklace

All of their items are individually wrapped in small drawstring bags, which I just love. They are reusable and I feel like I am getting more than just the two jewelry items they send. The first item was this gorgeous drawstring bag.

Inside was an obsidian stone necklace. I love the gray markings on the black stone. I don't know what the metal type of the necklace is but I think it's gorgeous. I had to have my husband translate the card for me. I could get bits and pieces but wanted to make sure I was right before translating it to you. 

It says something along the lines of it being a gem of meditation, makes the good emerge from the one who carries it, protects against negativity, and that it is ideal for those whose sign is Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

And here is the necklace on display

Clay Necklace

Here is the drawstring bag that the necklace was packaged in.

And here is the beautiful necklace. I love the colors on it and I love that it looks so natural. The clay pendant is a little big, so it will take me some getting used to when I wear it, and I need to find something it will match with (I think I have a skirt it will work perfectly with now that I think about it). 

And here it is on display. The string is actually QUITE long. I had to adjust it so it could fit better on my display.

Surprise Item

My surprise item was this beautiful pouch that has a zipper on top. I will be using it as my new coin purse. I feel like I scored on this surprise item because...

...she included gummy bears in my pouch! I always love receiving tasty treats. So basically I got TWO surprise items ;)

Final Thoughts

WorldlyBox is definitely one of my favorite boxes. Their customer service is phenomenal and I feel like this box was tailored to me quite well. She mentioned on one of my cards that she saw I don't wear earrings and like necklaces and so she gave me two necklaces for my first box. I love that they pay attention to each customer's wants so well. I also told them I didn't like really beaded jewelry and so she did a great job of avoiding those for me.

I don't know how to price these items because they are so unique, which makes this subscription box all the more exciting.

What do you think of WorldlyBox?

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