Friday, April 22, 2016

BirchBox April 2016

What Is BirchBox?

BirchBox is a monthly subscription that sends you 5 beauty products that are personalized to you. You take a beauty profile quiz so they can bet match their products to you.

The Subscription

Box Items: Five sample, deluxe, and full-sized beauty products

Cost: $10/month


Everything arrives in a pink box.

All of the products are inside of a very pretty box that is different each month. 

Inside was this card that contained the product information.

And here is the rest of inside of the box :) I LOVE tissue paper in my subscription boxes!


Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (.7 oz) - $5.63

I am always up for trying exfoliating products. This product has a good smell to it. The front says it is enriched with papaya, mirco crystals, and Aloe! That's quite an exciting combination so I can't wait to try it and see what it does!

Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask (1 oz) - $4.50

I got a hair repair product from this brand in my Ipsy bag for April. I still have yet to try it. This one also seems to be a hair product. My other product was an overnight one while this one seems to be used in the shower after shampooing. It does have a nice smell to it so maybe I will try it!

PBJ Smoothie Stick Creamy Lip Crayon (2.5 g) - $14.95

I was excited to see another lip crayon since they seem to be easier than lip stick. I have been getting items like this in each of my beauty boxes it seems like! Unfortunately mine arrived with the stick broken and it's kind of a mess now (you can see how high up it is rolled! I haven't even opened it yet!). So I am going to see if they can replace it. The color seems a little dark but might still work for me. I am excited to try it!

This also seems to be a full size product! Woo hoo!!

Whish Shave Cream Lavender (.75 fl oz) - $2.40

I am actually really excited to try this product! I am prone to dry skin since I live in such a dry environment, so anything to help moisturize I will take! To be totally honest the color scheme and their branding makes the product look a little tacky, but I am still going to try it!

I opened it and it smells SO GOOD.

Supergoop Fair/Light Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 40 (3 ml) - $2.18

To be totally honest, the last thing I expected this product to be was sunscreen. The bottle is TINY. I do appreciate that the SPF is more than 30 since all the sunscreens I have received in the past have been SPF 30, but goodness. However since it looks like it's supposed to be a concealer as well I can understand why it's so small. You probably don't WANT to put this all over your face. And I won't look like a white ghost after applying it so that's a plus :D

Final Thoughts

For not being a huge makeup fan, I think BirchBox did a good job of trying to keep me as a happy customer. Customers like me are hard to please when you're a company based on makeup! I didn't really like that I got a fragrance sample and a foil packet though, or two products from the same brand.

The totals of the products:

  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator  - $5.63
  • Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask - $4.50
  • PBJ Smoothie Stick Creamy Lip Crayon - $14.95
  • Whish Shave Cream Lavender - $2.40
  • Supergoop Fair/Light SPF 40  - $2.18
The total value of the bag came to $29.66

That's an good deal for spending $10 on this box. It didn't add up to how much last month's box was ($70+) but to be honest I think I will be using more of these products than those in my last month's box.

I can't wait to get my May box!

What are your thoughts on this BirchBox?

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