Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rainbow Honey February 2016 Mini Mystery Bag

What is Rainbow Honey?

Rainbow Honey is a company that sells nail polish, nail care products, lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and body sprays. They have quite the range of products! They are known for their wide variety of glitter nail polish.

Their nail polish is 5-free and vegan (their products are never tested on animals). Their bags will have brand new and unreleased products.

The Subscription

Mystery Bag Options:

  • Mini - nail polish, body and bath care products but smaller samples
  • Large - nail polish, body and bath care products but full size samples
  • Just Nails - nail products only
  • Just Body - bath and body care products
  • Just Soaps - soap products
  • Mini - $12.50
  • Large - $25
  • Just Nails - $15
  • Just Body - $15
  • Just Soaps - $15
Subscription Plans:

Buy monthly with no recurring payments. Up to you to purchase the next month. See prices listed above.

Prepaid plans (3 month, 6 month)
  • 3 month Mini - $40 (+ one free month!)
  • 6 month Mini - $70 (+ one free month!)
  • 12 month Mini - $130 (+ one free month!)
  • 3 month Large - $75 (+ one free month!)
  • 6 month Large - $130 (+ one free month!)
  • 12 month Large - $240 (+ one free month!)
The Details of THIS Mystery Bag

This mystery bag I purchased. It is the February 2016 Mini Mystery Bag.

What's In the Mystery Bag?

When you receive your bag in the mail it will be in a poly mailer. 

The products inside are inserted into cute tote. Inside the tote they are wrapped in bubble wrap.

The Products

In this bag I received one sample size hand lotion, one sample size body lotion, two full sized nail polishes, and one lip gloss.

Luvable Pink Hand Sanitizer - (1 oz) $1.50?

The smell of the hand sanitizer was pleasant! I really liked it. And I love the small container. I might just keep buying the Mini Mystery Bags just to have these perfect purse sized samples. Smelled like strawberries. I can't seem to find what a full size hand sanitizer would be but a full size is $6 and I am assuming it is the same size as the lotion when full size. So I came out with $1.50 an ounce. It looks like hand sanitizers aren't as common with them. But I like them! So hopefully they keep making them.

Luvable Pink Body Lotion (1 oz) - $2

The lotion smelled of sugar and strawberries. I really love this Luvable Pink scent! The lotion looked like it had a weird consistency at first. It was pretty thick and I thought it was an old product at first. But I applied it and it spread easily and better yet, it wasn't oily! It absorbed quickly and kept my hands moist. I really liked this lotion and love the size of the product.

Violetta Bot Nail Polish (Purple) - $10

This nail polish was very easy to apply. I loved the slight shimmer. I had to apply two coats to make the polish look how I wanted. I also just love this color! Photos of this polish on my nails are posted later in this post.

Electric Love Bytes! Nail Polish (Glitter) - $10

I am not a huge fan of large glitter chunks in my nail polish so I was a little disappointed when I saw this one. It took two coats to get it to look good and it was a little difficult getting the large chunks onto the brush an then onto my nail. Photos of this polish on my nails are posted later in this post. I couldn't find this one on their size but all full sized polishes are $10 when full price.

Dulce de Leche Lip Gloss (.14 fl oz) - $5

This lip gloss smelled like caramel and brown sugar and almost like coffee to me? But I liked the caramel and brown sugar smell I was getting. The lip gloss applied fine and I could smell the Dulce de Leche scent for a LONG time. 

Applied to My Nails

Final Thoughts

The price for this mystery bag is $12.50

Cost of the items in the bag: 
  • Luvable Pink Hand Sanitizer - $1.50
  • Luvable Pink Body Lotion - $2
  • Violetta Bot Nail Polish - $10
  • Electric Love Bytes! Nail Polish (Glitter) - $10
  • Dulce de Leche Lip Gloss - $5
Total Value of Mystery Bag = $28.50

I think that is a great value to get out of this bag! I know sometimes they give out smaller nail polish sizes in the mini bags but this time they were full size. I don't know if they are transitioning to full size or if this bag was just an exception. 

I like the variety of products I got in this bag and they will all be used! My daughter can use the glitter polish when she is a little older. I am very impressed with Rainbow Honey and I will definitely be purchasing more bags.

What did you think of this mystery bag?

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