Monday, April 25, 2016

PupCrate Subscription Box April 2016

What Is PupCrate?

PupCrate is a monthly subscription box for dogs. 

Their treats are from the USA and their toys come from all over the world. They will send you 4-5 items in each box.

They have three size categories of dogs to choose from. Something that I like about their subscription box is you can choose what types of toys you want in your boxes. The categories are Plush Toys, Chew Toys, or Mix.

They have a month to month option, 3 month option, or 12 month subscription option.

The Subscription

Box Items: 4-5 items

Size options:
  • Small (0-20 lbs)
  • Medium (20-50 lbs)
  • Large (50+ lbs)
  • month to month = $29.95/ box
  • 3 months = $85.93 ($28.65/box)
  • 12 months = $330.95 ($27.57/box)
The Details of THIS Box


I believe this is the Large size box, with the mix toy option.

What's In the Box?

Here is what the box looks like when it is delivered to you. I love the paw prints on the side!

And here is what the box looks like on the inside!

They include a card explaining each toy which I always love. Shows that they take the time to make their boxes and don't just throw random things together.


Yippy All Natural Peanut Butter and Jelly Biscuits (6 oz) - $8

These treats are wheat, corn, and soy free so dogs with those allergies will be able to eat these! I love it when treats in subscription boxes are allergy friendly because it shows the subscription company is aware of the health concerns of pups that may be subscribed to their box. My dogs go CRAZY for peanut butter so the fact these are Peanut Butter Jelly flavored AND it looks like our peanut butter jar guarantees that this will be a total hit.

No Grainers Training Size Soft Chews Hickory Bacon Flavor (5 oz) - $4.99

I love the name of these treats! So creative. These treats are made in the USA which is a plus, and they are grain free! This is another allergy friendly treat for pups. I am still working on training my puppy so these smaller treats will be perfect. I love that I got large treats and small treats in this box! My dogs are NOT picky when it comes to treats so these will be gone very quickly.

Etta Says! Savory Yumm Stick - $3

And what dog doesn't love jerky sticks? My dogs got one of these in their March BarkBox and they LOVED it. My large dog basically swallowed his half whole. I'm not even sure he had time to taste it! And my puppy searched for another 5 minutes trying to find more. So I am really happy w got another one of these!


Kong CuteSeas Medium - $5.99

I knew from the start they would love this one because it squeaks! My dogs can't control themselves with squeaky toys. This is also Kong brand so I HOPE it lasts a little longer than other plush toys. They like destroying them though so it's ok if they do. That's just how they play with their toys.

And here are Moseley and Darwin playing with it!

Mammoth FlossyChew Medium - $3.99

This toy doesn't have a squeaker in it so it wasn't a hit right off the bat, but later tonight Darwin will be playing with it. Moseley LOVES to chew so he found interest in this toy sooner than Darwin did. All of our rope toys last a while but have started falling apart so I am glad to see we have a new one!

And here is Moseley playing with the rope toy. He likes it when we hold his toys for him while he chews. 

Earth Rated Dog Waste Bag - $0.87

We are always in need of dog waste bags so this was a good thing to receive! I also like that they went with the Earth Rated brand. There are 15 bags per roll so that will last us about 15 walks! Darwin doesn't like to go potty while we are on walks...I have no idea why.

Final Thoughts

Ok it's time to calculate the value of the box!

  • Yippy All Natural Peanut Butter and Jelly Biscuits - $8
  • No Grainers Training Size Soft Chews Hickory Bacon Flavor - $4.99
  • Etta Says! Savory Yumm Stick - $3
  • Kong CuteSeas Medium - $5.99
  • Mammoth FlossyChew Medium - $3.99
  • Earth Rated Dog Waste Bag - $0.87

The total value of the box came to $26.84

That's a few dollars under the price per box on the monthly plan, and less than a dollar under the cost per box on the yearly plan. Buyers like to be getting more than they paid for the box, but it's a little difficult to do with the dog boxes. I am pleased with the quality of the toys though and Darwin is STILL running around the house with his whale as I am typing this. We got a lot of high quality treats and my puppies are happy so I think this box was worth it. 

It would be nice to see the box have a higher value in the future though.

What are your thoughts on this PupCrate Box?

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