Friday, April 22, 2016

BirchBox March 2016

What Is BirchBox?

BirchBox is a monthly subscription that sends you 5 beauty products that are personalized to you. You take a beauty profile quiz so they can bet match their products to you.

The Subscription

Box Items: Five sample, deluxe, and full-sized beauty products

Cost: $10/month


Everything arrives in a pink box.

All of the products are inside of a very pretty box that is different each month. 

Inside was this card that contained the product information.

And here is the rest of inside of the box :) I LOVE tissue paper in my subscription boxes!


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser (1 fl oz) - $4

This product I have not used yet but I am always up for trying new facial cleansers! It doesn't have a particular scent to it and seems to be enough for quite a few uses!

Not Soap Radio Liquid Freud Coconut Milk Mango + Vanilla (1.1 fl oz) - $2.42

All I can say is that once I saw the flavor/scent of this product I got very excited. Coconut and Vanilla is my favorite combination! But to be totally honest I didn't know what a Liquid Freud was. And still don't. I guess it is a bath/shower gel? From what I have read in reviews it looks like people use it as a lotion. I am about to go buy the full size product just because it smells SO good. I don't smell the mango much but that's ok. I like coconut and vanilla more. 

Eau de Cartier Eau De Toilette (1.5 ml) - $43??

Like most people, I do not like receiving fragrance samples, and I am pretty sure I put that in my profile? So I think either they're pulling teeth trying to satisfy a person who doesn't live for makeup with their makeup box or the don't pay too much attention to the profiles. It's definitely a very strong smell and not one for me. But the sample size is a good amount and good for a few uses. To be totally honest it reminds me of the smell inside the Hollister and Abercombie stores. 

However after looking up the price of just this sample I guess I should be grateful I got even this amount!

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate (,18 oz) - $21.67

Once again, I am super new to face and makeup products so I had to look this one up too. From what I read it looks like it's supposed to help prevent wrinkles. Sounds cool to me! I will have to give this one a try.

And goodness this stuff is expensive! 

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (.03 fl oz) - $2.23

So I only realized I got two products form the same company while I was writing this review.s So that's a little disappointing since I don't get to try out as much of a variety of brands as I would have liked from this subscription box. This product seems to also be an anti aging product. Curious to see if it actually works! But it is a dreaded foil packet.

Stainiac Beauty Queen (1.2 ml) - $2.26

I was actually quite pleased with this product having never used a stain before. My sister helped me use it and I really liked the color! And it looks like the sample is big enough for a lot of uses. 

Final Thoughts

For not being a huge makeup fan, I think BirchBox did a good job of trying to keep me as a happy customer. Customers like me are hard to please when you're a company based on makeup! I didn't really like that I got a fragrance sample and a foil packet though, or two products from the same brand.

The totals of the products:
  • Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser - $4
  • Not Soap Radio Liquid Freud - $2.42
  • Eau de Cartier Eau De Toilette - $43
  • Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate - $21.67
  • Stainiac Beauty Queen - $2.26
The total value of the bag came to $73.35

That's an AWESOME deal for spending $10 on this box. I didn't realize how much the total would be with how not so great some of the packaging of these products looked.

I am curious to see how my next BirchBox turns out.

What are your thoughts on this BirchBox?

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