Friday, April 8, 2016

Darwin and His First Rain

Today has been a busy day of orders for me for my Etsy shop. I finally let the dogs out to play today so I could get one more order finished up while they got their wiggles out before I joined them. The dogs had waited so patiently! I got up, let the dogs out, noticed it was bright and sunny, and then went back to working. Literally 10 minutes later I go to join them and Darwin is sitting at the door DRENCHED. The poor pup, he looked like he thought I did it to him on purpose! He has experienced snow before but not rain so I think it kind of freaked him out. And even worse it was a thunder storm! I didn't hear it until he came in, the poor guy. So we had a freak thunder storm and poor Darwin wouldn't leave my side for a bit. But now they're back outside playing in the sun.

Doesn't his face just look so sad?? I love Moseley in the backyard just looking at Darwin saying "you sissy".

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