Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WorldlyBox Product (Not Subscription Box) Review

What is WorldlyBox?

WorldlyBox is a company that provides a monthly subscription box of jewelry from around the world at an affordable price.

What Did I Order?

So I was on their Instagram looking at their recent monthly boxes to get a feel of what to expect from them and saw some gorgeous knot necklaces. I went on their website and didn't see them listed in their products section of things to purchase. So I messaged them on Instagram and got a hold of Katy who personally went to check to see if they had any in stock in their storage, they did, and she listed the product for me! I was so happy! I bought all three colors they had available and a cute bracelet with a pearl (I am a sucker for pearls). She even put an extra gift in because of a discussion I had earlier with her. Their customer service is amazing!

The Packaging

When ordering PRODUCTS from them, NOT the subscription box, your items will come in a polymailer as seen below with a sticker with their logo.

Now for the products! They all came in these darling little drawstring bags. I love when I get to open other packaging to get to my items, and these drawstring bags are definitely reusable. 

They even included a personal note with my order! I was quite impressed. So of course I read the note first. 

It was from Katy who I was talking with when making my order. I really appreciate when companies do things like this because I understand how much extra work this takes! With my own Etsy shop little things like this take a lot of time, but mean so much to the customer. Makes the customer feel special. I really hope they keep doing things like this even as they get more popular!

The Products

In the first small drawstring bag was my black and and my white knotted necklace. They are just as amazing as I thought they would be. They were also more flexible than I thought! Which is quite nice. And they aren't heavy so that's an even bigger plus.

In the colorful drawstring bag was the pink knotted necklace and the pearl bracelet. When purchasing the pearl bracelet you get to choose if you want it to fit loose or tight. I picked tight since my wrists are small and it fit PERFECTLY. I was so impressed!

The surprise item was in the third drawstring bag and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! I am usually not a fan of beaded bracelets but this one has such beautiful colors! I love that it is easy to adjust as well. It also looks quite elegant in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

WorldlyBox has won me over as a recurring customer! I subscribed to their monthly box and will definitely be purchasing more items from them in the future. I was very impressed with the quality of the materials and love that they are all from different countries. I can't wait to wear my knotted necklaces to church!

What do you think of WorldlyBox?

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